I admire when celebrities have effortless steeze… like these two, Justin and Jay, who embody exactly that; so comfortable in their own fabrics that they make full on tuxes look… well, look like chilled out streetwear. 

I love Timberlake’s new “return” to music with his suit and tie, all pressed up in black and white image… topped of with a slick side, Bobby Charlton-esque comb over hair mixup. He’s really styling not only hard but smoothly, as he travels from fedoras, boots, and aviators to tie clips, cigars, and cuff-links in his new music video 

and Jay Z manages to look cozy in classy high brow gear as much as when he’s rockin that Rocawear—
again, it’s effortless.
This man knows his fabrics and shows it in his work… this year, changing the Nets logo and style to all black everything. When was the last time you wanted to rock a Brooklyn fitted so bad?

It’s the work behind the men here that really compliment their clothing. from producing to singing to acting to - they’ve touched up on it all… and all while looking crisp.
Their life is a fashion statement

"This is trouble season, Tom Ford tuxedos for no reason
All saints for my angel… Alexander Wang too
Ass-tight denim and some Dunks
I’ll show you how to do this young!”
ft Jay Z (Suit and Tie)

Stay pressed,